CCNA provides Data Centre and Computer Room solutions for all requirements, from a primary data centre to the small branch location. CCNA offers a total end to end solution that includes the infrastructure, and technical experience required to set up and maintain a data centre solution. It is about keeping data centres, telecom networks and business applications up and running, and doing so more energy efficiently.
CCNA’s Always On Solutions include the following:
  • Infrastructure Management & Monitoring
  • DC & AC Power Systems
  • Industrial Power
  • Precision Cooling Systems
  • Racks & Integrated Cabinets
  • Power Switching & Controls
  • Outside Plant Solutions
  • Embedded Computing
  • Embedded Power
  • Connectivity Solutions
  • 24×7 Local Support – Anywhere in the World

Converged Communication Network Applications Pty Ltd

Support Desk and Enquiries:
1300 943 199 or +61 8 7129 0017


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