Communications solutions are migrating from proprietary based platforms to new standards based approach with next generation gateways, SIP, and Services Orientated Architecture.  CCNA is focused on developing solutions with an open standard approach, lead innovation in virtualization, securing communications, and design resiliency within our solutions.  This enables us to give vendor agnostic advice to our clients, and deliver the best-fit technology for their current needs, budget, interoperability with their existing network and delivering future proofing.  Our voice and video consultation practice focuses on addressing areas of productivity, interoperability, ease of use, identifies the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and delivering Return on Investments (ROI).

CCNA focuses on ensuring network continuity for applications such as: Unified Communications, Collaboration, Virtualisation, Network Security, HD Video, and other real time service offerings. Our convergence design and implementation planning is initially focused on ensuring customer network readiness for deploying any converged applications.  An in-depth understanding of all critical business services ensures that maximum business returns are achieved across multiple vendors. Specifically, these services will centre on IP telephony, data infrastructure, network security and management tools, business productivity applications, and call centre applications. 


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